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Paint Ins & Seminars

April 6 Paint In
Easter Egg Exchange
Spring Birds and Flowers taught by Bonnie Dominguez
Designed by Shara Reiner  Cost of Percolator is $18.00


May 4 Paint In

Flowers designed by Sandy Aubuchon taught by Cheryl Jacobson.

The surface is 6” wide x 14” tall including the routed edge with the painting area being 5 ¼” x 11 ¼” and is available at Michaels (use your 40% coupon), or a surface of your choice.

If your piece is taller than 14”, there is a pattern available for a larger piece.

Cost for supplies is $5 to cover the cost of a special brush to be used on the project which Cheryl will order and have for you in May.



LIBT will be hosting a seminar with Karen Hubbard

on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 & 9, 2019 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

at Mountain Artists Guild 228 N. Alarcon Street, Prescott, AZ. 86301

Please arrive at 9am, as teaching starts at 9:30pm.

Cost for each day will be $40.00 with no additional cost for non-members

Hi, for this year’s seminar we are fortunate to have Karen Hubbard teaching us two of her designs. You don't want to wait long to sign up for this exciting seminar.  We have 10 sign-ups already and space for only 20.

The Saturday project is also a brand new design of Karen's never taught before.

It is a cute white squirrel on a 10" plate with a pinecone trim all around the rim. We will be ordering the plates for those who want them for $ 12.50 each,

 this order needs to be placed on March 4th.

The Sunday project is called Moss Raccoon design which can be viewed on

Karen's website, Hubbard’s Cupboard.  

I will know surface size needed after Las Vegas Convention.

I will be receiving the samples of these two pieces at the Las Vegas Convention from Karen to show and obtain better pictures that will then be updated on the website when I return. For now the pictures shown below are what I have.  Pot Luck each day.

Water and snacks provided by LIBT

 Any questions email or call - Bev Morn Seminar Chair 

Karen Hubbard’s Bio:

I have always been interested in art and drew and painted a lot as a child, even taking painting classes at the age of 10. I began painting in my 20s, then took 10 years off to raise three daughters, returned to painting in 1974 and haven’t stopped since. I painted mostly with oils to begin with, then gradually began to work with acrylics. I wanted to be able to paint very realistic wildlife and developed my now well-known technique for painting fur and feathers, using a round pure sable brush. I generally paint on very smooth surfaces such as wood or Masonite. In 1988, I earned my CDA (Certified Decorative Artist) certificate from the National Society of Decorative Painters. I have taught at conventions and seminars extensively in the US and Canada and Japan, New Zealand, England and Italy for more than 30 ears, have won many Blue Ribbons and honors with my paintings. I live in Eugene Oregon.

Karen Hubbard