Membership in Let It Be Toled Art Club -

The dues for Let It Be Toled Art Club are $20.00 for the current (2024) year and entitles you to receive an informative newsletter every month, the local membership directory and the right to participate in all local club activities.
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LIBT Tradition

BIRTHDAY GIRLS - Each month for those members who have birthdays in that month, the member is asked to bring an item to be raffled to raise funds for the Club.

TREASURE/MEMORY BOXES - For this charity, members paint paper mache boxes to be given to hospitals. Treasure boxes are given to children in the hospital to keep their treasures in. Memory Boxes are given to parents who have lost an infant or a young child.

LUNCHBOX AUCTION - A Fundraiser for LIBTAC. Members paint a piece that lunch can be served on or packaged in. They also prepare the lunch. The painted item with the lunch is auctioned at the September meeting.
Memory Boxes and Treasure Boxes