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Decorative Artists - Learning & Growing

About Our Chapter


Membership in the Society of Decorative Painters
The dues for an annual membership in the Society of Decorative Painters is $60.00 and entitles you to four issues of "The Decorative Painter" and the right to attend and participate in the annual National Convention. You may also join any of the local chapters of the Society of Decorative Painters.
For information about joining the Society Of Decorative Painters, click here.
Membership in Let It Be Toled Decorative Painters
The dues for Let It Be Toled are $15.00 for the current (2021) year and entitles you to receive an informative newsletter every month, the local membership directory and the right to participate in all local chapter activities. National Society membership is required of all local chapter members. Click here to print a LIBT membership form.

LIBT Traditions

  • BIRTHDAY GIRLS - Each month for those members who have birthdays in that month, the member is asked to bring an item to be part of a Not-So-Silent Auction to raise funds for the Chapter.
    Each new member will be assigned a "buddy" who will make herself available to the new member to answer questions and help her get to know the workings of the Chapter and its members.
  • MEMORY BOXES - For this charity, members paint paper mache boxes for a nationwide Infant Death Bereavement Program. The boxes are mailed to participating hospitals and are made available to parents who have lost infants or young children. The boxes provide safekeeping of birth memorabilia for the grieving families. Click here for more information on the Memory Box program.
  • REFRESHMENTS, DOOR PRIZES AND CLEAN UP - Each member is asked to choose one month for each of these Chapter services so our meetings run smoothly and everyone helps out.
  • LUNCHBOX AUCTION - A Fundraiser for LIBT. Members paint a piece that lunch can be served on or packaged in. They also prepare the lunch. The painted item with the lunch is auctioned at the September meeting.

Memory Boxes